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Obituary: Haim Asa, 83, long-serving O.C. Rabbi – Orange County Register


Obituary: Rabbi Haim Asa LA Times, June 20-21, 2014


Aviva Zahavi-Asa – daughter of Rabbi Asa


Rabbi Ariel Asa – son of Rabbi Asa


Liora Asa – daughter of Rabbi Asa


Eliana Marcus – daughter of Rabbi Asa


Liel Zahavi-Asa – granddaughter of Rabbi Asa


Yosef Asa – grandson of Rabbi Asa


Rabbi Elazar Muskin – Rabbi of Young Israel of Century City, co-officiated at the eulogies and funeral


Rabbi Stephen Einstein – Senior Rabbi of Orange County, co-officiated at the eulogies and funeral


Letter from Governor of Sofia, Bulgaria – read at eulogy by Bulgarian Consul of L.A.

Shloshim Speeches

Hebrew Union College,

June 26, 2014, Jerusalem, Israel

Aviva Zahavi-Asa – Rabbi Asa's daughter


Rabbi Karen L. Fox – Rabbi at Wilshire Blvd. Temple, grew up in Temple Beth Tikvah in Fullerton and mentored by Rabbi Asa


Michael Taslitz – Rabbi Asa’s son-in-law


Tzvi Asa – Rabbi Asa’s grandson


Tova Asa – Rabbi Asa’s granddaughter


Eliav Zahavi-Asa – Rabbi Asa’s grandson







Unveiling for Rabbi Haim Asa

May 3, 2015, Pacific View Cemetery,

Corona Del Mar, CA


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Open House in Memory of Rabbi Haim Asa

December 4, 2016, Fullerton, CA

Open House, Part I


Open House, Part II


Open House, Part III


Open House, Part IV


Open House, Part V

Multimedia Links

Eulogies for Rabbi Haim Asa – May 29, 2014 at Temple Beth Tikvah, Fullerton, California


A Tribute by Representative Ed Royce, Chairman of the United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs, to Rabbi Haim Asa on the U.S. House Floor – May 30, 2014


 “Rabbi Haim Asa z”l, Friend, Father Figure and Mentor to Many" – Kosher Orange County, May 30, 2014, by Gail Martin


California Assemblyman Wagner Honors the Late Rabbi Haim Asa in the California Assembly - June 2, 2014 


The Shloshim (30 day memorial) Ceremony for Rabbi Haim Asa – Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem on June 26, 2014 which was conducted by Rabbi David Bollag, The Zemer HaZayit Congregation, Efrat, Israel


“He Served a Lifetime” - Orange County Jewish Life, July 2014, by Dr. Lisa Grajewski


“A Friend to Us All” - Orange County Jewish Life, July 2014, by Rabbi David Eliezrie


Memorial for Rabbi Haim Asa – August 17, 2014 in Beverly Hills, California

Segment 1

Segment 2

Segment 3

Segment 4



Memorial for Rabbi Haim Asa

August 17, 2014, Beverly Hills, California


Elaine Asa – Rabbi Asa's wife


Aviva Zahavi-Asa – Rabbi Asa's daughter

Sharing Stories after the Unveiling

May 3, 2015, Temple Beth Tikvah, Fullerton, CA


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


ZOOM Memorial Gathering for Rabbi Asa’s 6th Yahrzeit

May 16, 2020, Sponsored by Temple Beth Tikvah, Fullerton, CA

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