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Letter from
Rabbi Shlomo Riskin


To Whom It May Concern,


Zemer HaZayit is an Orthodox community. Its establishment filled a religious and social void in the spiritual variety in Efrat. The congregation is led by Rabbi Dr. David Bollag and his wife Dr. Caroline Peyser Bollag.


I have overseen the congregation from its inception, and I am delighted to see how it has added to the spiritual life in Efrat, drawing families looking for halachic observance that is new and revitalizing.


The congregation has been active since 2005, and its activities take place in temporary locations, such as school hallways and outdoor sports facilities. This makes it difficult for the congregation to develop and draw new members who would be drawn to such a unique synagogue.


Due to the importance of the continued existence of Zemer HaZayit in Efrat, I encourage you to contribute toward building a permanent dwelling, which will serve the congregation and the general populace of Efrat.



Rabbi Shlomo Riskin

Chief Rabbi, Efrat

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