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Letter from

Rabbi Dr. David Bollag


Modern Orthodoxy needs to develop. It needs to learn to fully accept communities that allow women to play a more active role in community life in general, and especially during tefilla (prayer services). In Zemer HaZayit, our goal is to have a major impact on this development.


We introduce and practice changes in our community. They are all sanctioned and approved by major halachic (Jewish legal) authorities.


We are well aware that many Orthodox communities worldwide choose not to introduce these changes. Their understanding of minhag (custom) does not (yet) allow them to do so. We fully respect this. Yet, in our eyes these changes are legitimate, necessary and halachically justified. We have therefore introduced them and will stand up for them. We are fully convinced that as time passes many other communities will follow us.


Rabbi Dr. David Bollag

Rabbi Emeritus, The Zemer HaZayit Congregation

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