Please help us build the Zemer HaZayit Synagogue building in memory of Rabbi Haim Asa. Information below for U.S. and Israel-based tax-deductable donations.



From the U.S.

Kindly consider increasing your donation by 6.9% to help defray fees for processing credit card payments. 

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For offline U.S. tax-deductible donations, please write the check to:  “The Central Fund of Israeland attach a memo noting that the check is earmarked for:  “Zemer HaZayit – The Rabbi Haim Asa Memorial Fund”. 


Send checks to:


Central Fund of Israel

c/o Marcus Brothers Textiles

980 6th Ave.

New York, NY 10018

Attention:  Arthur Marcus


The Central Fund of Israel is an I.R.S. recognized 501c3 non-profit organization. Tax identification number:  132992985. 


From Israel 

For Israeli tax-deductible donations (according to seif 46) in Shekels:


Checks should be written out to:

“Kehillat Zemer HaZayit”


Attach a memo noting the check is earmarked for: "Zemer HaZayit - The Rabbi Haim Asa Memorial Fund"


Send donations to:

Aviva Zahavi-Asa

46 Yonatan Hachashmonai

Efrat   9045351



נא עזרו לנו בבניית מבנה הקבע של בית כנסת זמר הזית לזכרו של הרב חיים אסא


לתרומה בשקלים מוכרת למס (לפי סעיף 46):

תשלום בהעברה בנקאית לחשבון ״קהילת זמר הזית״
בנק הפועלים, סניף 691
חשבון 560846


נא לשלוח הודעה לדן גרינוולד, בכתובת  כדי לקבל קבלה.  בנוסף, בבקשה להודיע לאביבה זהבי-אסא על התרומה דרך הטופס למטה.

Donating Stocks

In lieu of making a cash donation to this project, we invite you to donate stocks based in U.S. dollars.  The following are instructions for donating stocks to this project via the Central Fund of Israel. Please make sure to earmark this project to:  “Zemer HaZayit – The Rabbi Haim Asa Memorial Fund”.  Please notify Aviva Zahavi-Asa about all stock donations (including amount donated and date of transaction) by filling out the contact form below.


Receiving Firm Name:  Janney Montgomery Scott    DTC #:  0374

Receiving Firm Address: 

6000 Sagemore Drive, Suite 6201, Marlton, NJ 08053

Receiving Firm Account Rep:  Gideon Evans                 Tel:  856-985-4918

Charity Account Title:  Central Fund of Israel earmarked for:

"Zemer HaZayit – The Rabbi Haim Asa Memorial Fund”

Charity Account Number:  2107-6789

For more information, or to share your memories and stories about Rabbi Haim Asa, please contact Aviva Zahavi-Asa using the Contact Form below

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